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Our powerful advanced tab module gives you the capability to create exceptional tabbed content sections with the options of both horizontal and vertical tab views. You can easily manage the content displayed in each tab and customize the tab’s appearance to fit your design vision.

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Key Features

The advanced tab module for Divi has a lot of capabilities. There are countless design options available here. In order to build something extraordinary, evaluate the features of advanced tab module and combine those together.

100% responsive

Easily Customize

Image Setting

Tab Icon Setting

Add Unlimited Color

Text Setting

50+ Hover Animation

Tab Position

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Design Stunning Vertical and Horizontal Tabs with Divi Essential’s Advanced Tab Module

You can quickly style both horizontal and vertical tabs using the Advanced Tabs Module! This robust module gives you a great deal of freedom and control, enabling you to create a stunning website and an excellent tabbed interface. Additionally, it is considerably easier to customize and use.

Decorate the Advanced Tab Body Settings

In the advanced tabs, style the body settings. Decide which hover effects you would like to show to your viewers or customers. In this scenario, the body part will temporarily animate. In that case, you can set the timing of the animation here.

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Add Tab Content and Body Content & Style the Content Area

Decorate the tab by adding a title, subtitle, image, or icon to the tab content feature of any tab. Amazingly, you can use any library layout to design the tab using the tab’s body settings, where you can also add your custom content like the tab’s title, image, description, and button. You may develop your tabs into fantastic tabs by adding content. Customers will be attracted more by noticing the wonderful tabs.

Tab Icon & Image Setting

In an advanced tab module, the tab icon and image settings allow you to customize the color, size, and alignment and you can have complete control over the placement of this feature.

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Design Add Tab and Content Container Background

The Tab container background and the content container background both allow you to decorate the entire tab content area background with a color, gradient color. From the tab container background, you can specify the single tab and the active tab by adding individual colors. Moreover, style your content nicely by adding color to the content container background of the advanced tab module.